Epoxy Floor Coating

The tough epoxy floor coatings offered by LDG Industriel represent an effective and durable flooring solution suitable for industrial, commercial, and even residential buildings. When you are looking for an attractive and affordable flooring system that can withstand everything from normal breakdown to heavy-duty use, our Sydney painting company is proud to offer this bright, clean, and virtually maintenance-free flooring solution throughout Sydney, Westmount, Sydney River, New Waterford, Glace Bay, North Sydney, Sydney Mines, Cape Breton, New Glasgow, and surrounding cities.

Suitable for many types of floors including metal and concrete surfaces, our epoxy floor coatings are as safe as ordinary paint. Homeowners appreciate our slip-resistant epoxy floor coatings to protect their playrooms, basements, garages, workrooms, darkrooms, laundry rooms, closets, and other home surfaces. Industrial businesses as diverse as environmental services, electronics production, food and beverage processing, automotive manufacturing, aerospace, pharmaceuticals, and chemical synthesis are just some that benefit from our epoxy floor coatings. This cost-effective flooring solution can also be found in restaurants, retail stores, warehouses, public storage facilities, family amusement centres, and many other commercial businesses.

Our epoxy floor coatings provide a dependable barrier against damages caused by industrial production and general wear and tear to commercial and home flooring. Our industrial floor coating products will endure heavy foot and vehiclular traffic and can even withstand exposure to heat, flame, and industrial chemicals and corrosives! We offer this tough, clean, and virtually maintenance-free flooring solution in a number of attractive colours and in standard, food-grade, and multi-coat styles.

With many years of experience painting industrial and commercial buildings and homes across Nova Scotia, our Sydney painting company can pair our epoxy floor coatings with any of our industrial painting, commercial painting, residential painting, or sandblasting services. To further explore our epoxy floor coating abilities, browse our gallery of photos. Our knowledgeable staff are happy to answer any questions you may have about our epoxy floor coatings, so don't hesitate to contact our Sydney painting company as soon as possible.

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